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Beneath the slopes of Taygetos, overlooking the gulf of Messinia, this seaside village, which is about 35 km from Kalamata, is gaining more and more fanatical visitors. Apart from families, they are lovers of landscapes that combine mountain and sea, that keep the traditional element unchanged and stand out for their simple, but mature and genuine beauty.

The beautiful scenery takes off thanks to the wonderful beaches that offers you for diving. The most popular choice is Ritsa with its large round pebbles and blue waters (it is organized in places). However, it is worth wearing your swimsuit for the following beaches such as Delfinia, with thick sand (you will also find a canteen), Foneas with the imposing rocks (and here you will find a canteen), but also the Shelter (half an hour by car from Kardamili), has one of the largest caves in the country and is an ideal place for diving from the rocks. If you have a family, the Stoupa with golden sand and shallow waters is also recommended.